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Our employees will have 10 days on full pay to volunteer for non-profit organisations

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11 Oct 2021
READING TIME: 2 minutes
From today, our employees that are looking to volunteer their services to non-profit organisations may take 10 days leave on full pay to work for charitable, welfare, social, religious, artistic, cultural, sports and environmental associations and organisations.

The agreement marks another innovative step on our journey started in 2020, with the aim of reshaping our identity and the relationship between the organisation and the employees. Moreover, the programme is also to be submitted to our subsidiaries, so that they may assess its possible adoption.

The agreement we signed today with all the main unions in the sector allows our employees to make a real contribution and creates a permanent opportunity to bring us closer to civil society and the communities we serve and in which we operate. On the other hand, this initiative also provides us an occasion to espouse the sensibilities and attitudes typical of the non-profit world which have become increasingly valuable and important, as well as of greater social importance: tenacity and concreteness, identity and diversity, openness and inclusion, relationship and solidarity, closeness and reciprocity, individuality and community.

The agreement marks a concrete response to the wishes expressed by our employees to dedicate greater resources to fulfilling our social mission, through a value-based offer that matches their sensibilities and, in particular, those of our youngest people who have recently joined the organization.