In 2021, we have thoroughly updated our remuneration policy. A significant proportion of employee remuneration is linked to the achievement of sustainability objectives in the environmental, social and governance fields

The committees set up within the Board of Directors are responsible for in-depth analysis of all issues with a possible impact on the Group's management. In carrying out their investigative activities on behalf of the Board of Directors, they may avail themselves of external consultants within the terms set out by the Board.
The term of office of the Committees coincides with that of the Board of Directors, whose early termination determines the immediate lapse also of the Committees

Our principles

Offer clear and transparent information of our remuneration system
Sustainable value
Create long term value
Promote a sustainable development model for shareholders and other stakeholders

The importance of sustainability


Priority topics on the group's ESG agenda determine 20% of performance metrics.


ESG objectives determine 30% of the performance metrics.
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The approval of the Shareholders' meeting
shareholders who voted in favor of the new remuneration policy
shareholderes who voted in favor of the incentive plan

Focus on: strategy, sustainability and remuneration

Climate change*
Roadmap to neutral carbon footprint by 2040: reducing carbon footprint in line with a certified Science Based Target initiative (scope 1 and 2 emissions)
Circular economy, responsible resource consumption and generation*
Resources: doubling the percentage of consumed elecrtricity that comes from renewable resources
Territory, community and relation with stakeholder*
Dialogue and engagement: achieving a favourable stakeholder assesment of the Company's reputation
Focus on people*
Equal opportunities: >20% of management positions held by women; >20% of members appointed by the Company to governance and auditing bodies of companies invested in are women; >40% of new hires in senior professional positions are women
Safety: accident frequency rate for direct employess <14%
*Target 2023

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