Our commitment to Responsible Investment

We have chosen to adopt a structured approach to guide investment decisions and management of our asset portfolio, combining the need to achieve a return on our investments with a positive social and environmental impact, in line with the primary goal of creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.

This commitment is being implemented through our Responsible Investment Policy, which aims to integrate the risks and opportunities linked to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the selection and assessment of new business opportunities and into the strategic guidance issued to investees, with the goal of creating sustainable long-term value. The Responsible Investment Policy has a key role to play in integrating sustainability into the Company’s governance and enables us to effectively deliver on our strategic growth plan in keeping with the values underpinning our everyday activities.
The Responsible Investment Policy commits us:
  • to translate our commitment to sustainable growth into a structured approach incorporating environmental, social and governance factors throughout the process of investing, scouting and selecting opportunities, managing portfolio assets and divestment;
  • to respond to stakeholder expectations with an attentive, transparent and effective approach, managing all the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability issues when we are choosing where to invest, and facilitating access to green capital markets;
  • to engage with, encourage and empower our investees so that they integrate ESG factors into their business strategies, supporting them with clearly defined, measurable goals and targets.