To bring together people, goods, communities and territories.
To connect to create value. 

We are a team of pioneers. We respond to the needs of people, communities and the environment. The mobility that we want to build is: Safe, Smart, Sustainable and Seamless.

The 4 S of the mobility of the future




safety for users and citizens is the first priority

We have the specific desire to put the safety of the public and of travellers at the heart of every business decision or process.




Innovation and digitalization are more important than ever

A new mobility is emerging with a brand new travel experience. Innovation is the essential element for the transformation of the new Atlantia.




the aim of building a future without waste of natural and social resources

We are aware of the environmental impact of CO2 emissions of the transport industry, and we know that we need to act now against climate change with tangible decarbonization actions that will allow us to leave to future generations a healthier planet and a sustainable way of doing business. With this in mind, we put innovation and sustainability at the heart of what we do – mobility of people and goods – 




the semplification of everyday life and of the travel experience

Our goal is to grow more and more in the field of integrated and sustainable mobility, combining digital innovation with effective infrastructure management.


Our role in the evolution of mobility

Sustainable, connected, shared, autonomous: mobility is living a great transformation that we want to be the protagonists of, driven by our values and culture
Our way forward: we believe that we can play the role of an integrated and pivotal player, being well-positioned to grasp growing opportunities in each single layer of the mobility ecosystem.
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Innovation drives and transforms mobility

  • Integrated mobility
  • Urbanisation and short-range mobility
  • New logistics models
  • Sustainable mobility

From infrastructure maintenance to continuous improvement

Focus on the development of key areas of potential within our current portfolio and optimise capital allocation with selective and targeted rationalisation

Drive transformation, becoming an «Innovation Pioneer», focussing on "New Services to Mobility"

Expansion into adjacent, synergetic sectors to enhance the resilience of the portfolio and capture new opportunities

Evolve Atlantia towards an agile and flexible strategic holding/investment management company

A consolidated competitive position in the segment, with the Group's motorway operators playing a leading role in the provision of efficient, innovative and safe motorway mobility.

Aeroporti di Roma playing an enhanced role as an industry leader in terms of innovation, sustainability and quality of service, by leveraging the company’s expertise and experience

Telepass to be one of Europe’s leading providers of technology-based services and mobility payment systems

What is innovation?
An approach to reality. 
The research of how to make life simpler and better.  
An instrument to grow.  
The way to create a new Company. 
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