Mobility is undergoing a major transformation. We imagine it sustainable, integrated, safe, innovative and viable.

Our commitment is to contribute to the creation of a new standard of mobility, focused on people’s needs and capable of creating a positive social, environmental and economic impact.
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Our concept of sustainability

Sustainability for us means acting today with a view to tomorrow, looking for solutions with added value for our stakeholders, combining at the same time economic growth with environmental protection, respect for the territories, investment in our people and transparency in business management.

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Climate Action Plan

Discover our strategy to enable low carbon mobility

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Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework 2022

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Growing by generating value

The sustainability plan organised around three key pillars - Planet, People and Prosperity – sets out the strategic thinking that shapes Mundys’ operating activities, commitments, long-term goals and improvement targets

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In 2022, we published a Climate Action Plan, which outlines our commitment to combating climate change and the main actions we put in place, enabling the transition to low-carbon mobility. The Plan was approved by an advisory shareholders’ vote («Say on Climate») with >98% votes For.
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Our concept of sustainability
Every day we strive to create shared value in the territories and communities in which we operate, combining industrial objectives with the socio-economic development of these areas
Governance of sustainability
Risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance factors are incorporated into the business strategy and overseen by the Board of Directors with the support of a dedicated endo-advisory committee of four independent directors.
Generating responsible value means to transparently report the objectives we pursue, the projects we carry on to achieve them and the results we obtain.