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Abertis launched its first international Drone Challenge

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30 Nov 2023
READING TIME: 1 minute
On November 30th 2023 Beyond Roads | Abertis Innovation by Abertis, Group’s Company, and the Abertis Foundation launched their first international Drone Challenge that seeks the participation of start-ups or organisations that propose innovative solutions based on the use of drones to transform the future of Abertis’s high-capacity roads.

The goal is to identify solutions that leverage drone technology to enhance road operations and infrastructure maintenance.

Abertis is looking to identify startups and organizations with the potential to become Abertis suppliers, which should offer innovative, high-impact drone technology-based solutions to address the challenge presented by Abertis.

Hereby some examples of solutions that are sought after with this Challenge:

  • solutions to enhance the operational activities of Abertis’s high-capacity roads that address areas such as traffic management, road operation support, effective response to emergencies, and adverse weather events on highways;
  • solutions to improve infrastructure maintenance activities, such as the inspection or rehabilitation of pavements and structures.

Below the calendar of the Challenge: