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Grupo Costanera carries out environmental and infrastructural upgrades in Santiago, Chile

Grupo Costanera
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08 Dec 2021
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Our subsidiary Grupo Costanera reached an agreement with the Chilean government's Ministry of Public Works to carry out a major environmental and infrastructural upgrade in various urban areas in the territory of Santiago de Chile.

The interventions mainly to be carried out concern the areas surrounding the southern section of the Américo Vespucio ring road, one of the main arteries of the Chilean capital, which today provides connections to and from the metropolitan area, also determining the directions of urban development.

The urban and demographic expansion has unfortunately generated urban areas with deep environmental and social degradation, some of which are located in the areas adjacent to the ring road. A sort of "no man's land", characterized by scarcity of green and recreational areas, limited safety, lack of connecting infrastructures, high perception of noise. On the territory have also appeared several illegal dumps, favoured by a poor and precarious public lighting.

To remedy this situation, the Chilean government has therefore agreed with Grupo Costanera to carry out a real integrated plan of urban and environmental requalification, whose aim is to increase the quality of life of the approximately 2 million inhabitants involved, introducing elements of sustainability and technologies to enhance the safety of the territory. For each area subject to intervention, an ad hoc urban planning project has been drawn up and defined, favouring shared spaces and the creation of green areas.

In particular, Grupo Costanera will be responsible for restructuring 63,200 square meters of landscape, urban space and green areas, through the following types of interventions:

  • Creation of new urban areas
  • Plantation of trees and shrubs for the creation of green areas
  • Installation of noise barriers, for a total of 8,905 square meters of network
  • Maintenance and implementation of new irrigation systems
  • Construction of works that allow universal accessibility
  • Construction of playgrounds for children and families
  • Installation of new LED lighting systems, also to increase safety
  • Installation of video surveillance systems in the accesses to the walkways
  • Road safety works, such as the installation of pedestrian fences

All interventions will be carried out as early as 2022 according to criteria of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, also through a sharing with the local communities concerned.

In addition to these interventions of great importance for the community of Santiago del Chile, the local companies belonging to our Group in agreement with the Chilean government, will carry out two further actions aimed at minimizing the impact of the freeway networks under management in the area and at supporting local institutions in the care and maintenance of certain infrastructures.

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