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Sustainability: MSCI upgrades our rating to ‘AA’

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26 Aug 2022
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The international rating agency MSCI ESG Ratings, which monitors around 2,800 companies on the sustainability and governance practices implemented, has further upgraded our rating from ‘BBB’ to ‘AA’.

This upgrade brings us to be ranked among the 4 top companies in the world in the ‘Transportation Infrastructure’ sector of the MSCI ACWI index, which monitors thousands of stocks in 48 different countries.

Among the main reasons for the rating upgrade, we find the ability to minimize the impact of our activities on biodiversity, through efficient and sustainable planning of land use methods and through the adoption of good practices for dealing with the different regional contexts. Significant progress was also made in the Governance field. In April 2022, we were the first Italian company, and one of the few in the world, to submit the decarbonisation plan of our activities to the vote of the shareholders, with the aim of eliminating direct CO2 emissions by 2040. Over 98% of shareholders approved the Climate Action Plan.


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