Internal Control & Risk Management System

The Internal Control and Risk Management System (SCIGR) is the set of rules, procedures and organizational structures aimed at an effective and efficient identification, measurement, management and monitoring of the main risks, in order to contribute to the sustainable success of the company.

An effective SCIGR contributes to the management of the company in line with the corporate objectives defined by the Board of Directors, favouring the taking of informed decisions and contributes to ensuring: 
  • the safeguarding of the company's assets 
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes
  • the reliability of the information provided to corporate bodies and the market
  • compliance with laws and regulations, the Articles of Association, and internal regulatory instruments

In particular, the SCIGR:
  • involves the bodies and resources at all levels of the organization, from the Board of Directors down to Management, each within the scope of their responsibilities and areas of competence
  • promotes the achievement of corporate objectives
  • is defined according to the characteristics of the company, in relation to the applicable regulatory framework, size, sector, complexity and risk profile of the company

The actors

The actors of the Company's SCIGR act according to a three-level control model, in line with the reference regulations and best practices:
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