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Urban Air Mobility, rehersal at Fiumicino

 2024 ADR vertiport
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07 Jul 2021
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We promote innovation as a strategic lever of our business in our portfolio assets by expanding into new innovative areas and experimenting with new forms of mobility. After the announcement of our investment in Volocopter in March 2021, Aeroporti di Roma presents the first concept of a vertiport at Fiumicino.

Urban Air Mobility, three words that describe a sustainable, autonomous, integrated and intelligent mobility. A new alternative for the urban transport of the future which, by means of electrically powered aircrafts, will allow faster transfers in the city with reduced impact on the environment. Volocopter, a German company in which Atlantia invested in March 2021, is one of the most promising developers of electric vertical take-off aircrafts and has attracted other investors of the highest standing, including Intel, Daimler and Deutsche Bahn, who like us aspire to an increasingly sustainable and smart mobility.

Our commitment continues today also through our subsidiary Aeroporti di Roma which, together with Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile and Volocopter itself, is working on the operational aspects of the future transport service in Italy, as well as the possible development of passenger terminals also called "vertiports". Volocopter's new flying cabs, called Volocity, will push the boundaries of innovation and technology and will pioneer a new concept of mobility in the world's largest cities. Singapore and Dubai have already announced plans for a network of vertiports connecting the city's busiest areas. Initially, the Volocity involves the presence of a pilot on board along with the passenger, but, in the near future they will become autonomous: the drones will be controlled remotely and will lead passengers to their destination without a pilot. This is a step towards the mobility of the future!

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