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Yunex Traffic to Expand Statewide Connected Vehicle Program across Colorado, US

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22 Jul 2022
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Our Asset Company Yunex Traffic, a global leader in Intelligent Traffic Systems, recently announced that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has selected the company as one of two vendors to provide equipment and expertise to expand the State’s connected vehicle technology, across 400 miles of interstate corridors.

Yunex Traffic’s new connected RSU2X roadside units will allow signal prioritization, along with training, testing, and maintenance, so that vehicles in Colorado will soon be able to communicate with the traffic infrastructure.
Yunex Traffic will assist the department in deploying, configuring, and maintaining 150 of the company’s new signature RSU2X roadside units as part of the CDOT Connected Vehicle (CV) Program’s strategic expansion, as CDOT’s federal project represents one of the largest single deployments of RSU2X roadside units to date. 
Yunex Traffic will also provide staff training, configuration, and installation assistance to align with CDOT’s CV security protocols. The project work also includes testing and maintenance, and most importantly, the RSU2Xs will come with software capable of signalling prioritization for a range of vehicles including buses, fire trucks and ambulances. After the initial 1-year term, the agreement may be extended for up to 4 more years with purchase of additional roadside units.
Yunex Traffic is the world’s largest deployer of roadside units, with its RSUs as part of multiple successful connected vehicle pilots and tests alongside major car companies, which means that they will be completely compatible with many automakers’ on-board units beginning with 2023 models.

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