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We are members of the Business Integrity Forum (BIF) by Transparency International Italy

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15 Sep 2022
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From today we are part of the Business Integrity Forum (BIF), a Transparency International Italy initiative that brings together large Italian companies already active on the issues of integrity and transparency, and that through the BIF are committed to preventing and fighting corruption in business practices by adopting and disseminating tools, anti-corruption practices, and a greater culture of legality.

Our President Giampiero Massolo said: “Our membership of Transparency International Italy’s Business Integrity Forum marks a major milestone, consolidating and highlighting the values underpinning the new Atlantia: integrity, transparency, fairness, ethics, and sustainable growth. We have recently adopted a new code of ethics, a revised anticorruption code, and a detailed engagement policy. We were among the first in Italy to adopt a responsible lobbying protocol and to put tax transparency at the heart of our strategy. We will continue to address these key issues for businesses and the community, in the knowledge that by working with Transparency International Italy and the other BIF members we will be able to play our part in promoting the principles of compliance, sustainability, and transparent engagement with all stakeholders”.

The process for joining the BIF entails a phase of mutual knowledge, during which the actions taken by the company in the field of integrity, transparency, anti-corruption, and more general ethical issues are presented, as well as the reasons for approaching and collaborating with the BIF. The membership in the Business Integrity Forum is approved by the Executive Committee.

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