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Our Group’s bold action to meet the Decarbonization goals

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23 Sep 2022
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As signatories of #TheClimatePledge, we are committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 for our direct operations, 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement.

We are promoting the energy transition towards a-low-carbon mobility through a conscious, concrete and forward-looking approach, aiming at reducing our own footprint as well as fostering decarbonization along the entire value chain. Such commitment is articulated over medium and long-term decarbonization targets and specific actions to meet them, as outlined in our Climate Action Plan (CAP), approved by an advisory shareholders’ vote («Say on Climate») with >98% favorable votes.

Here are a few examples of action points underpinning emission reduction that the Group’s companies are undertaking:

  • Making our infrastructures more sustainable, by replacing fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy, improving heating and air conditioning systems, using LED technology to light up the night

Aeroporti di Roma’s development plan for Leonardo da Vinci Airport foresees the installation of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) array (60MWp) inside any airport infrastructure across Europe. The solar power energy will replace the electricity currently generated by a natural gas-fueled CHP power plant and thus avoid more than 16,000 tCO2e net absolute GHG emissions during the project’s first ten years of operation.
This project will also involve an energy storage system made up of second-life batteries from the automotive sector for the storage of excess power produced, demonstrating the use-case of this technology as a viable solution for cheap and effective energy storage by leveraging a circular economy approach.

  • Enabling the take up of electric vehicles for people to travel more sustainably, by installing EV charging points

Abertis Group is installing ultra-fast charging stations in all its service areas in France, counting more than 500 ultra-fast electric charging points distributed throughout its service areas during 2022. These new stations will allow a recharge of 80% autonomy in just 15 minutes (for the latest models of electric vehicles). Overall, Group’s companies have plans to roll out over 1,100 charging points by 2027.

  • Developing innovative solutions that improve everyday life, by reducing emissions, allowing cleaner air and a safer & smarter journey 

Yunex Traffic’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Mobility technologies and solutions facilitate the proactive management of traffic resulting in improved safety, cleaner air and reduction of CO2 within and outside urban centers, while fostering the creation of new sustainable forms of mobility in which technology plays a key role.
Telepass’ digital toll payments and services bring material benefits to environment and society, by smoothing traffic flow and queues and by reducing pollution and noise. It has been estimated that on the segment Brescia-Padua, dedicated lanes saved 3,350 tons of CO2e per year representing more than 35,000 trips from Rome to Milan (2019 estimation).