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The Abertis Group will install ultra-fast charging stations in all its service areas in France

The Abertis Group will install ultra-fast charging stations in all its service areas in France
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04 Apr 2022
The Abertis Group, through its French subsidiary Sanef, announced today that it will install more than 500 ultra-fast charging points in the 72 service areas, 100% of the areas that manages in France. This initiative will promote the development of electric mobility for long-distance travel and will promote the use of electric vehicles on motorways throughout the Gallic country.

The Abertis Group is committed to playing its part in effecting the transition to a lower-carbon transportation system and intends to explore additional opportunities to facilitate increased electric mobility in other territories of operation. Faster, more accessible and easier to use charging points The Sanef network, already equipped with 20% with ultra-fast charging points and 60% with conventional points, will install several ultra-fast terminals (+150kW) in each of its service areas before the end of 2022. 
These new stations will allow a recharge of 80% autonomy in just 15 minutes (for the latest models of electric vehicles), a charging time equivalent to the average stop duration in a highway rest area. These terminals will be accessible to all electric vehicles in circulation and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Charging stations will favor the use of bank cards as a payment method, thus guaranteeing a quick and easy service, and meeting the demands of the owners of electric vehicles.
 To carry out this massive deployment, the Sanef group has selected three recharging operators, experts in the sector: Engie, Fastned and TotalEnergies. This initiative carried out in France represents an important milestone in the sustainability plan drawn up by the Abertis Group for the coming years, which includes deploying ultra-fast charging points in other markets where it is present. In this way, the Group reaffirms its position as one of the biggest promoters of battery electric vehicles and encourages their adoption by users.