Our concept of sustainability

Our goal is to grow by contributing to change mobility. Smart, Safe, Sustainable, Simple: this is the mobility of the future that we are committed to achieving.

Mobility has a significant impact on the life of people and communities and on the environment. More sustainable mobility is essential for the future of the planet. As the market leader in this strategic sector, we want to play a leading role in changing it by promoting social, environmental and economic progress.

Growing by generating value

Every day we strive to create shared value in the territories and communities in which we operate, combining industrial objectives with the socio-economic development of these areas. Sustainability and innovation are the strategic levers that guide our development projects.  We think of infrastructures, services and technologies for mobility, which shall be increasingly sustainable, integrated, safe and accessible to the widest number of people from the first to the last mile. Every choice is a well-thought strategy for its social, environmental and economic sustainability.
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Mundys and our stakeholders: planning the future together

We have a clear vision of the social, environmental and economic dimension and importance of our work. Therefore, we also define our strategic priorities through intense and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders.

We look ahead, gathering the stimuli that come from our stakeholders. Over the years, we have strengthened the processes of listening and involvement, promoting a participatory and integrated approach.
​​​​​​​In fact, we believe that balancing and combining the needs and expectations of the stakeholders of the mobility eco-system is a prerequisite for lasting, inclusive and sustainable growth for all stakeholders over time.

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