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Yunex Traffic became part of our Group at the end of June 2022 as a technology player for our existing mobility sectors, while pushing the boundaries of innovation to create an integrated mobility ecosystem.

Yunex Traffic is a global leader in the market of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) developing novel mobility options for cities, highway authorities and mobility providers. Its solutions transform our cities into places where people can live, work, and move more freely with better quality of life, less accidents and with cleaner air and contribute to solving our climate crisis. 
Its portfolio includes Next Generation Traffic Management systems for cities including smart intersections, Tunnel and Highway Management systems, Connected Mobility Solutions for V-2-I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) communication and Advanced Road-User Charging solutions.
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Yunex Traffic at a glance

Yunex Traffic connects the dots of a new mobility revolution that will transform cities all over the world, by making road networks and traffic safer and smarter, benefiting people as well as the environment. It is committed to being an innovative partner for city and highway administrations as well as mobility operators—wherever they are in the world – to reduce accidents, congestion, and CO2 emissions generated from cities. In doing so, Yunex Traffic sustainably increases the value of infrastructure across its life cycle, ensuring a more sustainable mobility and a better quality of life. 

Some areas of actions of Yunex Traffic are:
  • The next generation of traffic management: to keep or regain their appeal in a sustainable way, cities and regions have to address traffic and its impact on people and the environment. Yunex Traffic supports cities and municipalities in integrating and evolving intelligent strategies into their traffic systems so that traffic managers can proactively direct traffic with virtual signage, connecting infrastructure and vehicles, and other innovative solutions.
  • Smart cities need smart intersections: Using innovative concepts, cities soon will be able to actively manage traffic. Intelligent infrastructure systems help make optimal use of the available resources through centralized control and management. Smart intersections are the answer to granting road safety for users and reducing pollution and congestion. They connect road and infrastructure data acquired by smart systems to enable deriving measures for efficient traffic control, improving traffic flow, increasing safety, and reducing emissions.
  • Intelligent solutions for connected mobility: Solving the increasingly complex transportation puzzles requires cities to go new ways. The aim is to create a more sustainable, efficient, and reliable ecosystem for urban mobility. Mining this treasure trove of data is a treasure that can substantially improve traffic management. By taking advantage of the power of data through innovative mobility services, cities can offer optimal mobility to their inhabitants.
  • Road services: From maintenance and operation to optimization, Yunex Traffic keeps and maintains systems operating at their best performance for sustainable and cost-efficient mobility.