Aeroporti di Roma (ADR)

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The Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) Group comprises the "Leonardo da Vinci" international airport at Fiumicino, which has been awarded the title of Best Airport in Europe in 2021 by Airport Council International for the fifth consecutive time, and the "Giovan Battista Pastine" airport at Ciampino.

The ADR Group manages several subsidiary companies, Engineering S.p.A., ADR Infrastructures S.p.A., ADR Tel S.p.A., ADR Assistance S.r.l., ADR Mobility S.r.l., ADR Security S.r.l. and Airport Cleaning S.r.l., which have further enabled the Group to enhance its expertise and professionalism in the specific sectors, offering its knowledge and excellence in airport sector skills to external parties as well.

ADR is the number one airport operator in Italy by number of passengers with 33 million passengers in 2022 and the seventh biggest in Europe. 
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Aeroporti di Roma at a glance

  • From "Airport to Careport: promoting sustainability in the airport sector. The Careport campaign expresses Aeroporti Roma's sustainability strategy based on three pillars - people, environment, and development - closely linked in a circular logic. To enhance these three aspects ADR has set itself clear objectives to transform Rome's airports into concretely inclusive and sustainable airports. ADR disposes of 98% of its waste and is committed to becoming Net Zero Carbon in 2030, twenty years ahead of the industry target. It organizes many initiatives to enhance and involve the territory and people, such as the waste collection campaign at Pesce Luna beach in June 2021 and the installation of the first vaccination centre in an Italian airport at Fiumicino. In the promotion of sustainable action at 360°, in April 2021 Aeroporti di Roma successfully concluded the placement of the first Sustainability-Linked Bond for a value of 500 million euros and with a duration of 10 years, dedicated to institutional investors. ADR is the first airport in the world to launch a Sustainability-Linked Bond, which directly links the cost of debt to the sustainability results achieved, and it is also the first airport in Italy that has made Sustainable Aviation Fuel available to an airline. Environmental sustainability for ADR is no longer just an option but a necessity, and for this reason ADR is a true forerunner in adopting solutions that preserve the connectivity of the future.
  • A symbol of excellence at European level: according to the most recent surveys carried out by Airport Council International - the international association that independently measures the quality perceived in over 300 airports around the world - in the second quarter of 2021 the "Leonardo da Vinci" in Fiumicino recorded a new absolute record in the scale of passenger satisfaction, reaching an evaluation of 4.65 on a scale of up to 5. This is the best quarter ever and confirms the excellence of the main Italian airport, which ranks first in the satisfaction of travellers, surpassing all European airports with more than 40 million passengers for the third consecutive year. This confirms ADR's direction in always seeking excellence in its way of doing business.
  • A pioneer of innovation: Aeroporti di Roma's strategy focuses on digitalization, safety, innovation, and environmental sustainability to create competitive airports capable of fully capturing the traffic of tomorrow, more sustainable for the environment, with minimal land use, even more efficient and safer. In addition to biometric face control, which makes boarding operations faster and safer, various initiatives and partnerships in the field of innovation are pursued at Fiumicino, including the creation of the first Italian incubator for start-ups dedicated to the aviation sector. ADR's commitment to promoting innovation is expressed in its proactive participation in national and international alliances, with the aim of pushing boundaries of innovation, digitalization and use of technologies in the airport sector. In this context ADR is among the founders of "Aeroporti 2030", a union of 5 of the largest Italian Airports to create a nationwide movement that leads to the use of innovative solutions, and "Airports for Innovation" network, launched by ADR in June 2021 in partnership with Aena, with the aim of improving the passenger travel experience through the adoption of new sustainable, innovative and easy-to-use solutions. For its commitment and successful results, ADR was awarded with ACI Europe’s Digital Transformation Award in 2021.
  • A forerunner in redesigning the air mobility of the future: thanks to fruitful national and international partnerships, Aeroporti di Roma looks at enhancing Fiumicino’s role as a smart hub by promoting rail-air integration to increase the connectivity opportunities for travellers and enhance accessibility to the airport; it also aims at  anticipating new forms of mobility, by contributing to  the creation of an ecosystem for the development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) – together with Mundys, in partnership with Volocopter, one of the leading operators in the UAM sector, ADR has set a challenging timeline, aiming at launching the first UAM commercial routes between Fiumicino airport and Rome city centre by 2024.