In line with international best practices and in full compliance with the applicable regulations, Mundys has implemented a process for the collection and management of whistleblowing disclosures, with the following characteristics: 
  • the decentralised management of whistleblowing disclosures by each Group company acting autonomously through specific Whistleblowing Teams;
  • assignment to the Internal Audit function of the role of process owner, resulting in timely analysis and integration of all aspects relating to the Internal Control and Risk Management System (SCIGR), also in keeping with the function’s mission and the nature of its role;
  • the exchange of information with the other players in the SCIGR.
To guarantee broad and indiscriminate access to anyone wishing to make a disclosure concerning Mundys, a number of alternative channels are available:
  • an IT platform accessible to all Whistleblowers (internal or external stakeholders, whether they are employees, suppliers, third parties, etc.) by clicking on the link below ("enter your disclosure here"). The system allows disclosures to be submitted through a guided online process without the obligation to register or declare one's personal details; 
  • email by writing to: SEGNALAZIONI.mundys@mundys.COM
  • ordinary mail by writing to: Mundys, Comitato Segnalazioni di Mundys, Piazza San Silvestro 8, 00187 Rome.

Whistleblowing is a tool for improving the Internal Control and Risk Management System as a whole and helps to spread a culture based on ethical behaviour, legality and transparency within the Group.Although anonymous disclosures are accepted at Mundys, named disclosures are preferred as this benefits the investigation process in terms of speed and effectiveness, in addition to making it easier to enter into appropriate dialogue with the Whistleblower. 

Mundys guarantees the confidentiality of the existence and content of disclosures, as well as the identity of Whistleblowers (where disclosed) and Reported Parties. Moreover, Whistleblowers are protected in accordance with the law and there is a guaranteed follow-up for all disclosures.

For all those who wish to make a disclosure concerning other companies in the Group, specific channels are available on their respective websites. 
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Our Whistleblowing Committee

The members of Mundys Whistleblowing Committee, set up by the Chief Executive Officer, are as follows:

Enrica Marra

Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Officer – Coordinator of the Committee

Tiziano Ceccarani

Chief Financial Officer

Mario Colombo

General Counsel

Nicola Pelà

Human Capital & Organization Director
Mundys  Whistleblowing Committee performs the following main tasks: 
  • it is responsible for the process of managing disclosures, assessing their adequacy and suggesting to the Board of Directors any improvements to the process, promoting the necessary information and training initiatives for the Group’s personnel;
  • it supervises compliance with the Code of Ethics, examining reports of possible breaches and promoting the necessary checks and, where required, the consequent improvement actions, monitoring their effective implementation;
  • it disseminates and verifies awareness of the Code of Ethics, promoting communication initiatives and activities aimed at increasing understanding of the Code;
  • it proposes the issuance of guidelines and operating procedures or additions and amendments to existing ones, aimed at reducing the risk of breaches of the Code.

The Whistleblowing Committee is coordinated by the Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Officer.

Mundys Whistleblowing Committee may also reserve the right to handle disclosures where it deems them to have a significant impact (e.g. reputational and/or economic/financial damage) for the Mundys Group (including the holding company) or on other Group companies. Moreover, it cannot be excluded that any such significant impact for the Mundys Group may also relate to disclosures received from subsidiaries.