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Francesca Castagnetti

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Name: Francesca Castagnetti
Team: Digital Communications & Corporate Brand Identity, Mundys
Nickname: The make-things-happen

Tell us about your journey

London by birth, Italian by blood, Amsterdam by heart. These are the places in which I was born, raised and in which I’ve had the luck to live for long enough to really feel at home there. I am honored to have best friends all over the world and to have had the opportunity to experiment with different cultures and lifestyles. This really transformed me and has a huge impact on how I look at things. Workwise as well, I have worked across several industries and in very diverse working environments. In the beginning, the change of sector was unintentional, in time it has become something that I have done with intention and that I think makes my career path very unique. 

What does your work bring you?

I love what I do because it really gives me the opportunity to make an impact and to be able to visualize the fruit of my work. I have always been greatly passionate about design and architecture, there are a lot of similarities between building and running a corporate website and designing the interior of a house: it’s about making it welcoming, beautifully looking, and functional at the same time and this goes for a social media strategy or the brand manifesto. It’s about bringing to life an idea: to make it happen within a given time frame, requires drive, organization, coordination, rhythm, and above all imagination. 
Every project I take on requires the involvement of many other people, from team members to other functions: the outcome really becomes something concrete that represents the effort of each and every person, it’s extremely rewarding to be the facilitator and the enabler of the process. 

What do you bring to our company?

I bring my experience in communications with a digital angle and the curiosity with which I have always entered the new sectors in which I have had the luck to work in. Also, I feel that my way of approaching things in an extremely pragmatic way is what our company needs right now in this important moment of transformation: we need to be imaginative but we also need to make things happen. 

What does our company represent for you?

Mundys is movement and change. It is exactly what I needed right now: it allows me to make a mark and really have an impact. I was looking for a challenge and the opportunity to exploit all the experience I have gained, but with meaning. In Mundys what we do goes above and beyond work, it has a higher intention: we all share the pursuit of personal and professional excellence, as human beings.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your time with the company?

There is a lot to do and things happen very quickly. It’s a constant shift between strategic thinking and operational tasks. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance and perform across the variety of required actions. 

What is your biggest achievement in this role?

I recently looked at the shared drive in which we saved all our work of the last 3 months: it looks like what I did in 3 years’ time in other companies. It was incredible to find that we did so much and with a very small team of people.

What advice would you give to university students or young professionals thinking about a career in your area?

I would advise to not be afraid to get your hands dirty, to become well experienced in what happens on the agency side as well as inclusive of everyone’s needs on the company’s side. I have found in time extreme value in benchmarking and looking at what the best in this field are doing, all the time, to gain inspiration and to have a higher goal to strive for. 

Where do you see Mundys and yourself in 5 years? 

Mundys will become the pioneer in the mobility sector, introducing groundbreaking and highly innovative solutions through all its assets. I hope I will have the opportunity to find equally innovative ways to tell this story and to allow everyone in the world to immerse themselves into the Mundys world, through the website, social and all our storytelling. And working with the rest of the team to achieve whatever outcome will make us proud and feel excited for what we have done.