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Thiago Fernandino Ribas

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Name: Thiago Fernandino Ribas
Team: Ancillary Revenues, Abertis
Nickname: The Company-Market bridge

Thiago Fernandino Ribas

Tell us about your journey

I’ve joined the Group back in 2012 in Brazil, more precisely in Arteris which years later would become one of our current subsidiaries. Arteris is one of the largest toll road companies in terms of kilometers managed in the Brazilian market and was bought by Abertis in 2015. 
After the acquisition, Arteris was no longer listed on the stock exchange and the Investor Relations department of Abertis invited me to join their team in Spain. 
This was a great opportunity for my career where I could get in contact with the European markets and pass along to the financial community the strategy and equity story of Abertis at a global level. Working at the headquarters of the group I also develop the knowledge of our assets in Spain, France, Italy, and Latam and expanded my network with new investors and financial analysts that cover the infrastructure sector.
Then, at the end of 2018, Mundys acquired Abertis and I was once again in the middle of another important transformation process in our industry. With this transaction, Mundys consolidated its position as a world leader in infrastructures, especially in motorways. 
I can say that all my journey until this point was worth it and I was honoured when Mundys invited me to move to Italy and join the Investor Relations team in Rome in 2019.
The recent years in Mundys have been full of challenges and new discoveries. Once again a new country, new relationships, and new business to learn from (for example the airport segment that was totally new to me. After these incredible years at Mundys, I was invited by Abertis to return to Spain and take a new responsibility in a new area that will be responsible to enhance our ancillary revenues (non-toll revenues) of the group’s business units.

What does your work bring you?

My work is a core part of my life and after almost 9 years in the Group, I can truly say that the most important personal and professional experiences of my life I lived here. My work has given me all the support and autonomy to develop my skills, learn new languages, see the world from different perspectives, meet fascinating people and be prepared to face and overcome challenges in a non-stop changing environment. In other words, to become a better person, a better professional. 

What did you bring to our company and what did our company bring you for the period you worked at holding level?

A multicultural background, the understanding of our different assets in different markets, which I believe is so important in a group with such a broad portfolio of businesses. In addition, I have to mention that the relationships I’ve cultivated across the organization was key when I needed that most updated information directly from its source to support the task to explain our strategy, our equity story and main achievements to the market. As I move back to Abertis, I bring not only the great memories of working with outstanding people but a bag full of knowledge, especially on innovation, sustainability, teamwork and a better understanding of our industry and businesses.

What does the our company Group represent for you?

 A company that is behind the everyday needs and desire of so many people across the globe. We connect people through our roads, airports and mobility services. We shorten distances.  A company that supports the development of economies through infrastructure, removing logistics bottlenecks and making possible the movement of individuals and goods. A company in constant transformation, at the edge of technology and innovation making our lives easier trough mobility solutions. A company with an eye on the future, centred in sustainability, playing an important role fighting climate change, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting the use of renewable energy. A company that  contributes to save lives while reducing traffic accidents through driver’s education and safer roads. Most importantly, a company that fosters and develops the talent of its employees, that embraces diversity and offers equal opportunities for its people. 

What does the opportunity in Abertis represent for you?

Moving out of our comfort zones and embracing new challenges is always fascinating. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to refocus my career and contribute with the group in a new area with completely different responsibilities. 

What do you think are the main challenges of your job?

First of all is an exciting personal challenge, as I’m moving to a completely new department with a new scope. My goal will be to be able to help the group’s subsidiaries to embrace new business opportunities that are complementary and symbiotic to our core activity which is managing motorways. This includes the improvement of services areas, truck parks, free flow systems, a closer relation with our users and the implementation of new technologies, like the roll out of electric charging stations, in line with our sustainability commitments and our climate action plan.  

Where do you see the Mundys Group and yourself in 5 years? 

So far, my journey brought me many achievements and helped me to be a better professional, always looking for improvements and the next steps. I see the Mundys Group as a top of mind company when it comes to mobility, sustainability and technology and for sure I see myself as part of the group going forward. Having the flexibility to cope with the company’s demands and challenges and being open to serve whenever the group needs me, I can see myself leading new roles here or anywhere in the world. I’m convinced that the future will be exciting, and the best is yet to come!