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Stefania Ratti

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Name: Stefania Ratti
Team: Innovation, Mundys
Nickname: Stefi

Stefania Ratti

Tell us about your journey

I am passionate about innovation and transformation. I like to experiment, and I am a curious learner. I have lived and studied in different countries across three continents, and I have over twenty years of experience in a variety of corporate roles, leading complex projects and diverse teams.

What does your work bring you?

I like to make things happen, being part of a team and “giving back” to junior colleagues what I have learned, having an impact on their growth path by giving directions and creating meaning.

What do you bring to our company?

I bring the drive and enthusiasm that comes from the responsibility of being part of a unique “game changer” project with the aim to create economic and social value by reshaping the world of mobility.

What does our company represent for you?

Mundys represents for me an amazing opportunity to bring my personal contribution through innovation to build sustainable, safe, innovative, efficient, and accessible mobility for the greatest number of people.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your time with the company?

The biggest challenge for me is to continue to contribute consistently every single day to the challenges that our company faces in a tremendously fast-moving context.

What is your biggest achievement in this role?

I am proud to bring to the table my unique point of view considering my diverse background and the professional experience I have matured in adjacent sectors.

What advice would you give to university students or young professionals thinking about a career in your area?

  1. Be curious!
  2. Be brave!
  3. Be yourself!

Where do you see Mundys and yourself in 5 years?

Certainly, Mundys will have pursued its growth and value creation objectives and I will be part of this exciting journey in the company of a motivated and passionate team!