The Space of a Journey - Travelling with A.I.

In an ever-changing world, our present is shaped by key words such as sustainable mobility, energy transition, artificial intelligence, crisis, and growth opportunities, the same words that will impact the trajectories of our future.

"The Space of a Journey – Travelling with A.I." delves into those subjects, hosting a dialogue between a machine and several prominent personalities from the international academic and scientific community, to explore the trajectories of future mobility while bringing together science, art, and society.
"The space of a journey - Travelling with A.I." is a Mundys project produced by Codice Edizioni. Conceived by Alessandro Bernard and Cristina Gallotti with original music by Francesco Moroni Spidalieri and sound design by Domenico De Fazio.

David Weinberger: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Our Way of Thinking

In this episode, artificial intelligence learns from internet technologist and philosopher David Weinberger how our way of thinking is changing thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, and discovers how A.I. impacts our daily lives.

Anthony Elliott: Leaping Towards an Hyper-Mobile World

In this episode, artificial intelligence visits the Global Eye Institute for Future Societies together with social theorist and professor Anthony Elliott, a fictional institute where some future scenarios are mapped out, discovering how technology will evolve and how these changes will impact mobility.