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New online magazine, “Infra”, launched to provide data, analysis and interesting titbits on the mobility of today and tomorrow

09 November 2021

Rome, 9 November 2021. “Infra” (, a new web magazine focusing on the latest developments and challenges in the world of infrastructure and mobility is on line from today. 

Available in Italian and English, the digital magazine targets professionals, analysts, investors, academics, researchers, students and enthusiasts, with the aim of stimulating open debate and sharing experiences. Among other things, it will look at how, thanks to the growing role played by technological innovation and sustainable thinking, new forms of mobility are taking shape in response to people’s changing needs. 

“Infrastructure operators,” states the web magazine’s opening editorial, “are today faced by a series of new challenges that go well beyond the upkeep and development of networks. On the one hand, passengers are demanding the greater efficiency and tailored solutions provided by infrastructure as a service; on the other, the interconnection between different types of infrastructure (roads, airports, railways, power grids and communications) is becoming key to managing traffic flows in the best way possible and enhancing the travel experience.” 

Infra will be constantly updated by a widespread editorial team, which will provide extensive coverage, including analysis, data, research, information, comment and expert opinion on the world
of mobility, with the aim of helping readers understand what is going on, at both local and international level, in an often confusing, rapidly changing sector. The main contributors include Ferruccio Resta, rector of Milan’s Polytechnic University; Joseph Losavio, a journalist from the World Economic Forum; Eugenio Morello, an architect and associate professor of Urban Planning at Milan’s Polytechnic University; Susan Dabbous, an Italo-Syrian journalist who works with Euronews and, since 2011, has been covering events in Syria; Carlo Stagnaro, an economist and one of the founders of the Bruno Leoni Institute; and Claudia La Via, a contributor to BBC News and, in Italy, Il Sole 24 Ore. 

The first content to be published today includes an interview with the Chairman of Enac (Italy’s Civil Aviation Authority), Pierluigi Di Palma. In the interview, Mr Di Palma provides clarification on the sort of regulatory framework that will be essential to enabling the introduction of new forms of urban air mobility (UAM), and on the Authority’s commitment to ensuring that Italy is ready to play a leading role at European level in what is a highly innovative sector. In addition, Carlo Stagnaro examines how cybersecurity will have a major role to play in the mass rollout of self-driving vehicles. 

Infra, which can also be accessed from Twitter and Instagram, is produced by the investment holding company, Atlantia (, in collaboration with MoSt (