Why Mundys

We believe in the value and potential of our people and in the right to express them differently from eachothers. 

Our manifesto 

We can feel the winds of Change blowing, and we want to be at the heart of this Transformation. But we can only achieve this through our Passion. 
We only believe in choices made in the name of Integrity and Transparency. 
We want to go out on a limb with Imagination, feel free to Experiment and be able to make mistakes, without being afraid of shedding our Stability and Traditions. 
Day by day, we work together with the Respect and Trust our Commitment deserves. 
We perform our role with Courage and Determination, and we live our personal lives with the same intensity, in the interests of a Balanced life for everyone and the Wellbeing of the Organisation. 
We want to feel part of a human project involving women and men, in which everyone’s diversity contributes to the value of the community.
We aim to recognise Merit, and be Grateful when it is recognised in any of us.

3 reasons to choose Mundys

To be part of a leading holding in the sector

We are a strategic investment holding company, managing motorway and airport infrastructures under concession, and providing mobility services. Our mission is to make mobility more sustainable, safe, seamless, and smart, answering to the latest needs of society. Our impact is spread throughout 24 countries, encompassing c. more than 9,000 km of motorways, 5 airports and other technology driven services to make mobility simple and accessible, in the continuous quest for innovation. 

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To be free to express your diversity in a global environnement

We are a human-centric holding. We are spread across 24 countries, speaking 7 languages and feeling 1000 emotions. People are vitally important and at the heart of our strategy, as they play a key role in enabling safe and sustainable mobility that connects places, cultures and communities. We are 150 individuals, part of a wider community of 21,000 people counting all the companies in our Group, exchanging talents, skills, and aspirations every day and, with passion and responsibility.

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To become an ESG ambassador

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our strategy as a new way of working, investing, and managing our assets. We want to create social and environmental value by actively investing in innovative assets which make the travel experience unique and simplify people’s everyday life.
We are determined to enable the transition to more sustainable, efficient, integrated, digital and resilient mobility, by identifying appropriate technical, technological, managerial, and organizational solutions to safeguard natural capital. 

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Our people

Empathetic, Attentive, Proactive, Salsa dancer, Podcasts lover, Avid reader, Problem solver, Teamworker
Ambitious, Open-minded, Sports addict, Good vibes seeker, Motorbike passionate, Teamworker, Continuous learner
Independent, Foodie, Travel addict, Music lover, Determined, Reliable, Motivator, Digital-lover
Curious, Reliable, Bookworm, Tree-hugger, Shower Singer, Uncluttered, Storyteller, Team-worker, Meticulous
Determinated, Photograhy addict, Versatile, Problem solver, Detail freak, Fashion lover, Soccer fan, Team player
Methods-lover, Determined, Collaborator, Curious learner, Music addict, Traveler, Friend-time lover
Curious, Passion-driven, Modern art lover, Foodie, Competitive sports addict, Carer for others, International
Ambitious hard-worker, Thriller books reader, Cook, Collaborator, Passion-driven, Problem solver, Gym lover