For the ones that imagine, the ones that dare, the ones that are ready for the future.
For the ones that recognize the future and want to be protagonists of change.
For the ones that travel with passion.

3 reasons to choose Mundys

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To be part of a leading holding in the sector

Our ideal transport system is a sustainable mobility that reduces the environmental impact and connects freely people and places.
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To be free to express your diversity in a global environnement

For us inclusion is a strategic driver for the business with the objective of creating an inclusive workplace for all employees. 
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To become an ESG ambassador

One of our goals is to integrate more and more ESG matters in our business processes. 
Our team

We are a talented team that considers diversity an important value.
Each one of us knows that every idea is valued and can make the difference.

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sustainability training hours in 2023
women in management roles
employees in 30 countries
A dynamic and inclusive workplace, aiming at continuously innovating thanks to the growth of the people that make it unique.
Maria Cristina Paolini
Media Relations, Advertising & Sponsorship
Maria Sole Aliotta
Employer Branding, Capability Acquisition and Development, Diversity and Inclusion